Corporate Advisory

Alcazar Capital provides clients with a wide range of advisory services, helping them achieve their business objectives by allowing them to optimize processes, improve corporate governance, and maximize growth opportunities through debt or equity raising, mergers and acquisitions, private placements and public offerings.

Transaction Advisory

Transaction Advisory Services:

  • M&A Advisory: We help clients manage the entire M&A process; whether they are looking to grow their business through a merger or acquisition, or to exit this their business through a part or full divestment. Our professionals can provide a exit-readiness review of business, and prepare a full buyside/sellside target screening report prior to launching of a process, ensuring you get maximum value and minimize unforeseen deal risks. Post launch we will oversee the execution process including managing due diligence advisors, and providing bid and negotiation support. The final phase of our service would be helping the client to review all legal documentation prior to closing to ensure that your interests are fully protected
  • Private Placements and Public Offerings: When a business owner is looking to expand his business, an IPO or private placement can provide the necessary capital to allow the company to achieve goals. However, regulations and requirements can be very extensive. Our experience in this area and support we provide, allows management to focus on day-to-day business operations and not onerous transaction requirements
  • Debt Refinancing: Whether it is a full refinancing of an existing loan facility, an amend-and-extend refinancing, or the securing of a new debt facility, we are able to advise our client on what is the ideal option for their business

Business Restructuring Advisory

Business Restructuring Advisory Services:

  • Restructuring Advisory and Strategic Planning: Alcazar provides comprehensive restructuring services to companies that may be in a distressed situation, or simply not performing to their optimal ability, due to inefficiencies in company processes or misalignment of company strategy
  • Balance Sheet Optimisation and Liquidity Management: Improper working capital management is a strain on available resources, and hence optimizing working capital use can significantly improve liquidity to ongoing business owners, as well as prospective buyers. Furthermore, a detailed review of the balance sheet can offer opportunities to “clean-up” legacy items or make necessary provisions thereby proving creditors or buyers with a clean balance sheet
  • Business and Profitability Review: A detailed analysis of the various components/segments of a business allows us to clearly identify areas of strength and weakness, and make recommendations on potential value-creation opportunities in reorganizing the business

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