Asset Management

Alcazar Capital is able to leverage our team’s experience and track record in the private equity sector across the globe to provide institutional and private investors with asset management services, including customized and tailored investment portfolios across multiple sectors and geographies to deliver attractive yields and returns

Alcazar Capital provides a full array of asset management services to funds, institutional clients, and high net worth individuals. These services include:

  • Fundraising and Structuring: We assist our clients in the fundraising process by matching investors across Alcazar’s network with the product offering best suited to their investment strategy. We also advise both the clients and the investors on the optimal investment structure, allowing for cost savings
  • Asset Allocation: Alcazar uses a tailor-made approach reliant on the client’s risk appetite, preferred targeted sectors and geographies
  • Portfolio Management: The key to maximising value is through actively managing an asset post-acqusition. We thrive to create value for our clients by careful analysis at the individual asset level, as well as working closely with management to establish the growth strategy, optimize the balance sheet, and implement best-in-class governance
  • Exit Strategy and Execution: By working closely with our clients we are able to identify and plan for the eventual exit of their investment, and offer a strong execution capability to deliver on their chosen strategy